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Daily Archives: February 17, 2015

Puddles here I come…


Coat- H&M Trenchcoat $69.95
Scarf- Burberry silk scarf $395
Shirt- Tommy Hilfiger dainty dot shirt $50
Handbag- Michael Kors $358
Boots- Hunter Original adjustable gloss rain boots in navy $158
Jeans- Current/Elliott stiletto jeans in sunfade $198
Nailpolish- Nars nail polish in Paradiso $20
There’s something about a trench coat and a scarf (not to mention adorable rainboots) that makes me look forward to rainy days. Staying dry and stylish never looked so cute. I am so looking forward to spring right now. It’s like -99 degrees right now…lol, well not that cold but it still feels like it. And, there’s like a ton of snow. Oh, those great Canadian winters…. (sigh).

Disney Cruise 2014 ~ Sailin’ on the Dream

Our Disney cruise was so amazing. We sailed on the Dream for 4 nights and stopped in Nassau and Castaway Cay. I absolutely love Nassau because of Blue Lagoon Island. It’s like a little tropical paradise away from it all. It’s a 30 minute charter boat ride away from the city.  
Castaway Cay is wonderful too. I love that you can go to the beach for a day and then hop back on the ship and off to the dining room for dinner. Seriously carefree! I highly recommend a Disney Cruise to everyone.




This salad looked and tasted seriously amazing







Oh my gosh, I never realized that Chandon was crying in this picture until now. Who cries on a Disney cruise right next to Mickey Mouse? right?