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The holidays are here in full swing and it has been mad around my home. Having 3 little boys sure can make Christmas special. But, it sure has been far more challenging getting my baking done with a little one yanking on my legs…lol. These gorgeous little gems are called Torrone, a traditional Italian candy.  They have totally become my favourite holiday treat. Not only are they so pretty and festive looking but they are amazingly delicious and EASY to make.  



500 g marshmallows
500g vanilla wafers
500g bakeable jujubes
a few sheets of rice paper

Pour the marshmallows in a large bowl and place in the microwave. Heat for 20 seconds at a time and stir. Do not over cook. Just heat it enough to melt, and stir frequently.
Then in another bowl melt the vanilla wafers in the microwave, also stiring in 20 second intervals to ensure it does not burn. When melted add to marshmallow fluff, mix well. You can place the mixture in the microwave for a few seconds if you find it too cool to stir well. Again, be careful not to overheat.
Then add your candy and mix it together.

 Line a cookie sheet (10 x 15 in) with raised edges with rice paper (shiny side of the paper down). If you have to cut the paper to fit that’s ok, but make sure to overlap it or your marshmallow mix will seep through the cracks and stick to the pan. I used zig zag scissors and it looked cute 🙂 You can find these ingredients at your local bulk food store.



Once you have the rice paper down, pour the marshmallow mixture on the paper. This can be a touch trickay as it is sticky. Grease your hands so they don’t stick as you press the marshmallow down. A spatula can also be really useful for spreading the mixture out. Keep working it until you fill in the pan from edge to edge. Once most of it is spread out place the rice paper on top as well (shiny side up now). 
Here’s the fun part that kids will love. Place another pan inside (9 x 13 in) and step all over it. Stomping and pressing down to flatten the candy.

Put the candy in the fridge for a little while just to harden so it’s easier to cut up. Using a pizza cutter is a great way to cut this treat into pieces. I don’t bother making sure each and every piece gets cut into the same size. It gets eaten right away anyways, plus I like the homemade chunky cuts and displaying it on a pretty plate or festive jar.


The finished product looks so pretty and makes a great gift idea. I guarantee if you make this once, you’ll make it many times over year after year.
Happy Baking…Happy Holidays….enjoy!


From our house to yours….Merry Christmas