Gel Manicure at home


Do you ever wish that you could have gel nails all the time without breaking the bank or spending the time to head to the salon every 10 days? I sure did. Don’t get me wrong I love to get a manicure at the salon every now and then. But I never seem to set time aside for myself to do that. So when a friend mentioned to me that she did her own at home, I couldn’t help but have to try it out for myself. So after watching a few You Tube videos and ordering some supplies I was ready to go.

I ordered this uv light from Amazon for $54.99
and this Shellac base and top coat from Amazon for $31.45
along with this Shellac color coat in Wildfire for $12.65



As for the manicure supplies, I already had most of that at home. I watched this YouTube video for some guidance and away I went. I typically stick with one brand per application. I tried using a regular nail polish as my color coat and the results were…let’s just say…not ideal. I’m thinking it’s because the polish has to be bone dry before you put on the top coat. Don’t think mine was dry enough. It started to bubble after one day 🙁 Maybe one day I’ll attempt that again. Gelish also has a base and top coat for their polishes. I purchased that as well for when I use their colors  The results were pretty good. It’s still nice to go to the salon to get manicured nails, but this just makes the polish application last longer.




My favourite color during the holidays was good gossip by Gelish. It is so sparkly and pretty. I got so many compliments on it.
For our upcoming vacation to Florida and for summer, I’m ordering flip flop fantasy by Gelaze. A friend recommended it to me and after looking it up, I’m thinking this color looks so nice. It’s probably amazing against sun kissed skin. I’m ordering it like right now. I’ll let you all know how I like it.



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Amanda <3

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